I believe in fantastic storytelling.  
People will always want to consume a great story.  It's why I don't subscribe to the theory that journalism is dead, it's just constantly changing.  If we, as new media professionals, adapt to new platforms and continually tweak how we tell stories, there will always be someone out there to listen.  I am a news junky to the very core.  I am a visual storyteller, an informer, and occasionally an entertainer.  I've spent over a decade creating news content in various forms and I still find myself excited about the possibilities when I show up to work each day.

    I have been honored with several Edward R Murrow awards.  Recognition doesn't motivate me, people do.  I am most excited about the relationships I form and ideas I derive from the most unlikely sources.

     Two recent regional distinctions for hard news feature and news feature categories: http://www.bonneville.com/?nid=56&sid=811

    I have been delivering accurate and honest news stories from coast to coast for nearly ten years.  I pride myself on connecting with people, no matter the circumstance.

    I excel in situations requiring compassion and grace.

...a resident/veteran recently out of surgery (and his wife) explains how a local charity helped with free housing during recovery.

   I began my professional career in central New York in 2000 as a morning anchor and afternoon reporter, specializing in court cases and crime.

    Through the years I have had the privilege of covering a wide range of issues.  I uncovered an inside government dispute that resulted in the lack of wheelchair accessible public buildings in Syracuse, New York.  I was granted exclusive access to California's Folsom Prison, interviewing inmates convicted of murder.

    As a "jack of all trades" journalist, I have anchored live election coverage one night and  been waist deep in lake effect snow the next.  Sleeping in my news vehicle at Lake Tahoe to cover California's summer of 2007 wildfires, I provided live breaking news coverage as flames jumped fire lines and consumed homes.  In Seattle, I hosted a three hour news show, writing most of the content and conducting live interviews several times an hour.

    Whether it's covering avalanches or hostage situations, riding in an aerobatic plane or a B-17 bomber, I have an unwavering passion for delivering news in an interesting and timely manner.

    I am constantly looking at ways of improving my mobility and efficiency, but currently carry around a Macbook with Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Adobe Bridge and Photo Mechanic.  I have the latest Nikon professional dslr's (Nikon D700's and a multitude of backups).  I shoot video with a Canon HG10 when I have to be portable or a SONY Z1U when I'm not responsible for still photos.   

I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications/Broadcast Journalism from the State University of New York, College at Brockport. 

While working full time as a morning anchor and afternoon reporter, I earned a Masters degree in Media Management from Syracuse University.

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I speak fluent french and am a marathon runner, always looking for a great new race!